portrait62Drawing her inspiration from surrealism and fantastic-realism, Marie-Blanche Bayon has a unique pictorial narrative of great beauty. A trip to the land of nature and dreams! Her dreams, soft and strong at the same time are deeply moving. This authentic art, mysterious, gives thought, raising strong emotions. No one remains indifferent in front of this intellectual work, poetic and refined. Figurative in the beginning, her painting is now more abstract and remains respectful of strict construction, perfectly controlled. We love the elegance of the design, purity of line, finesse and bright transparence of colour, that give life to components processed. All her work attracted the attention through the original celebration of nature, and reflects the inner progress of the painter.

Marie-Blanche Bayon was Born in Saint-Etienne (France), and comes from a family of artists; music rocked his childhood, and his father, clarinetist, also wrote poetry books. For Marie-Blanche Bayon life can be poetic and she likes looking that side everyday. Influenced by the magic of the universe, she said to see life everywhere. The images she detects are later on the canvas. This unknown and dream land attracts, and like any treasure, the one who see this land is not resistant to venture there to try to discover the secrets.

Engineer graduate of INSA Lyon, Computer science, she practiced this profession for many years. But painting is part of his life since childhood. She met in college, in the 4th, an art teacher who encouraged and opened the door that allows her to open his talent already present at the time. Teenager she discovered oil paint, later drawing inks and watercolor, then acrylic. The work of Marie-Blanche Bayon, harmonious in her entity, is a structured alchemy in excess of dreams of its author. A wonderment of sense, an artistic expression with fascinating and bewitching language, where all is splendor and magic.

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