Marie-Blanche BAYON - Démarche artistiqueThe graphic arts fascinate me since the adolescence. Very young I learn the pictorial techniques through books and different encounters, urged on by a reasonably inexplicable passion.

My working technique is the fruit of a long evolution. I always researched the precision of the line and the sweetness of the surface. I use fine canvas carefully coated and sanded down, then I work with glacis of oil paintings or acrylic paintings.

The subjects of my paintings were always dictated to me by need to show the magical beauty of the present world, where any reality is only understood by means of the quantity and of the calculator, where objects are deprived of any magnificent sense, where the cosmos and the nature, considered as a big mechanism, are a world of objects to study, to analyse, to classify, to calculate, to measure. The whole universe is a set of hieroglyphs to decipher, and any object hides a secret. The science showed us that the same systems, the same structures are present in the infinitely big and in the infinitely small objects. the universe is "one", and the human being is an element itself lived by worlds. By a picture, I try to express this "magic" aspect of our environment.

Light and colours are the materials of the particular poem I write through every painting. To paint I choose the visual memory which purges a reality from what the mental added to it at the time, masking often the sense of this reality.

Even when I let free my creativity and create works stemming from my own imagination, I always try to paint respecting the rules of harmony and coherence present everywhere in the nature, even if I am not completely conscious of this when I work.
I completely subscribe to the comment of Marc Chagall: " .I am unable to see how I draw; it's my hand which sees; my eyes look inside of me. "

The painting, as any art, is finally, and essentially, a mode of communication privileged with others, an invitation to share ideas and emotions, where the feeling has to dominate the reflexion....... Is not it in this sharing the real reason to be for the painting?

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